180 Amsterdammers – I AMSTERDAM

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zambiawajiphaI have been part of a project called 180 Amsterdammers which is highlighting and showcasing the cultural diversity within Amsterdam. My involvement has been being photographed, interviewed and filmed. Billboards have been displayed all around the city with all participant’s images as part of the first part of this project.

Our stories have been recorded and written with the scope of a book and documentary being made which will come out in 2017. There is also a photographic exhibition showcasing this project in the Amsterdam Bibliotheek opening in early December 2016.

Read my interview published on their website!
Or see a part of the interview from YouTube.



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The lines that move through me and around me are the energy source that connects us to each other. Staying connected and present requires constant attention. This is collected and stored and distributed through your lines and interactions. Everything you do is processed, stored and categorised… Your movement, your thoughts and your reactions are all contained and connected in these lines… Your connection to everything, everyone around you is made through these lines, this energy… our link, our story, our source is imprinted interconnected within each line…each movement..each energy… Begin to consciously see it, feel it and breath it… Then and only then will you truly start living in the conscious evolution…